Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Purple and MORE FOOD - DIM SUM!

The eye felt better today, less itchy. So I tried a little colour, TKB GRAPE PARFAIT ONLY and without base. Still dare not try to apply too dark/Heavy colour in Singapore. BUT it really really really look very light and translucent.I used EDM Lavender concealer as highlight ~
Dim Sum Lunch Ala-Carte Buffet at Raffles Place, Zhou's Kitchen!
7 of us and it looks like 15 people eating at our table!!
The orders came non-stop! And finally YUMMMIEEEE, Mango Sago for dessert ...Of course, we usually end the day with a cup of coffee~I guess I be bringing back Singapore 5kg to USA ~

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Heee my REAL human Model!

My friend very ONZ, let me try colours on her face!!!
The first eye I tried on, was quite a failure because I used a old product of mine and the colour really CANNOT make it. It was TOO SHEER to be used. I shan't mention the name of the product here, not even worth the web promo be it good or bad here! But still I used my trusty EDM on her to 'repair' the damage ...

Her eyelid was sooooooo tiny, I cannot even use my dumbo finger to manipulate the colour on her lid.

I tried a black/grey smokey look on her right eye and used EDM 'In the Garden' brown for her left eye. She has so much darker skin tone than mine, so I have problem 'highlighting' her underbrow. But still the end result are rather lookable. She was SO NOT USED to this 'heavy' makeup which to me was already RELATIVELY light as compared to what I apply on MYSELF!I stop the lesson at picture three, but she was NOT CONVINCED that the look was ok! But I keep reassuring her that after she applied her BROW, line her lid and put on her eyeshadow, EVERYTHING will look in place. And she really took out her eyelash and APPLY on the spot *faint*. She is an EXPERT in fake eyelash, within 3 minute the eyelash is PUT ON. And still she find herself looking weird, because the make up was 'thick' to her. But the more she look, the more she got used to her look, she find it ok.

Hee, First happy 'customer' ...
Taught her some basic, hopefully she will continue to 'trial and error' to improve :)!

Friday, June 26, 2009

FOOD again!?

This has become a foodie blog!
YEAH, I love food AS WELL AS I LOVE makeup!
But the PROS of makeup it won't make me SWELL!

Anyway I am sort of having a 'ALLERGY' reaction to the air in Singapore so I am developing an itchy eye. It just felt that my eye is tearing itchy powder. I am suspecting my fringe as the main CULPRIT, but I really don't want to cut it off, it has been SO LONG since I enjoy long fringe! Haiz ..

And my long term LOVE/HATE Relationship with these ...
Char Kway Teow and Oyster Omelette ~

The perfect food for a WARM WARM night, brown sugar Ice Kachang!!Without the MAKE UP, life is still so PERFECT!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some updates and food picture!

Was sort of 'jetlag sickish' and not feeling well for the WHOLE of one week! And finally felt better on Saturday to FINALLY walk out of my room and met up with some friends! And also done abit of shopping myself, heeee ...

Singapore is toooooooooooooo warm and HUMID for even a tiny bit of eyeshadow to stay on the LID, I have got no courage to try it incase I just turned into a walking PANDA! For now I shall just present SOME food pictures SO FAR ...There should be ALOT more FOOD but but but, I has since put on 4 SOLID KGS when I touched down Singapore and so far is terrified of even going near my weighing MACHINE!

But still there are something you cannot resist, like Kaya Roti and having a good 'catch-up' session with some good friends!!
Will upload my loot soon ...

Daylight Robbery

Are they even AUTHORISED to sell Everyday Minerals in Singapore and at such extorbitant rate!?
Price Check:
Foundation for S$64.80
Blusher S$42.80
Eyeshadow for S$35.80!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ee is on hiatus
Back in Singapore with Friends and Families!

Will be back SOON!

Friday, June 12, 2009

My first H2Oplus Moisturiser with SPF15

At first look I didn't realised that this is the H2Oplus that I have seen in Singapore Isetan or is it at Suntec. But after surfing for awhile I realised that YAHHH, this is that 'Atas' H2Oplus in Singapore, and they are having a clearance for some of their items online.

I bought their Face Oasis Plus™ Hydrating Fluid SPF 15 for USD22.80 and Mineral Spa Moisture Boosting Body Balm for USD5.99.

Face Oasis Plus™ Hydrating Fluid SPF 15, is highly rated in their website, and I am a suxker for anything cheap, and package in BLUE nice bottles!! And I lacked a good morning before the makeup moisturiser with a little SPF.
As described by their website :
Our #1 best-selling moisturizer, Face Oasis™, now has a daytime partner with broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB induced wrinkles and fine lines. Drench your skin in weightless protection.

This water-light, lotion-to-liquid hydrating treatment continuously delivers a concentrated reservoir of oil-free moisture and weightless protection against UV induced aging and dehydration. Infused with hydrating marine algae, it features a time-released Oceasome Complex™ to transport light-activated, blue algae-derived photosomes and ultrasomes to deliver 24-hour cellular repair of existing damage as well as help stimulate recovery from post-sun exposure. Skin feels youthful, vital and protected.

I tried the Mineral Spa Moisture Boosting Body Balm, smell nice and the balm is rather thin gel-liked, VERY suitable for Singapore weather and at USD5.99, not much complain and nothing to ooooohhhh and aaaahhhhh for ...

I doubt I can bring back the CREAMY Lurebeauty body cream to use back home. That is another review all together. hahaha I made lousy reviews. But due to the fact that I has yet to use something that MADE my FACE GLOW, and removes all the white/black heads and sudden improvement in the pores. I guess all sort of moisturisers I used are so-so-so ...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Inspiration from a Sunset ...

A photo of a Sunset colour of Blue, Red and Orange... Hahaha look so 'DRAMA' . My blending skills really SUxx big time! Nevertheless I can still see the colour. But I definitely would not wear something like this out on the street. I am purely a Closeted Make Up Mania ...Anyway this is my humble pictorial, made a mistake here, shouldnt try to wing it out.
Look softer without the wing ...
Anyway I should clap clap for my adventurous attempt, kekeke. Although it is not what I expected. And it look kinda of very unfinished. Hahaha because I got lazy, didn't even put on foundation or enough blush. Hahaha, anyway the blend on the lid, look soft ...
Attempt : FAIL

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Everyday Smokey Brown !

Was chatting with a girlfriend yesterday, she wanted to learn some simple makeup to make her monolid eye look bigger. I told her I could go back home and teach her a trick or 2 on simple smokey eye make up! So I should practise to make the teaching sounds logical right, hahaha ...

The look today is a simple EH-VER-RrrY Day smokey brown look. Not as intense, but it will make your eye look mysterious and smokey. And best of all 2 of the items are FOC foundation choice from Everyday Mineral!! And they blend perfectly well for a Neutral Smokey Brown
Base :
Jane Be Pure Gel Liner

Eye :
Everyday Mineral Foundation Peach
Everyday Mineral Foundation Deep Tan

Highlight :
Lure Beauty Flesh
My humble pictorial ...
Happy with the result today, this blend of smokey brown is so much neutral then the previous smokey brown that I have done. And in real person, the smokey is at a acceptable range, NOT as dark ...
Waiting for my HB to get a HD Camcorder to do Vid-torial!
So friend what kind of smokey do you want to learn?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Green green Tinker Bell - EOTD Green!

Most of my close friends would know that I hate green. There is a story behind the 'hate' green but I can't share it out here. But this few years, under the influence of my hubby, I am slowly starting to accept green again ...

And I have 2 favourite GREEN cartoon charater. SHREK is the number one, but of course the girly part of me will openly select Twinkle Bell, but seriously the green I used today seems more like Inspiration from SHREK, wahahaha ~
Base :
Coastalscent Gel Liner Black

Lid :
TKB Trading After Twilight Green
TKB Trading Apple Green Pop

Highlight :
TKB Trading Lotsa Lime

I look so fat today, please pardon my fatfat cheek!
My humble pictorial ...
Should have dash YELLOW at the inner corner of the eyelid to open up to eye more. The colour Lotsa Lime is not bright enough ...
My blending skill has really IMPROVED alot right? Look at the different layer. So happy with my improvement ...
Pat pat on the back. But still I couldn't find the perfect blend of 'Neutral' everyday colour. Hahaha, this blending of Greens is too heavy and green for a day look! But I don't have parties and dinners to attend to use such colour too, bummmer ...

TKB Trading eyeshadows are really BRIGHT and THICK, you only used a little to get the colour so bright and vibrant. Not forgetting the quantity is so much, I am still using from the plastic covers that they come along as the package. I am so tempted to get MORE colour to play around with!! Hahaha, my hb will KILL ME!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random Buy of the week!

Started my weekend with Allen Premium Coach outlet again but for friend and family! And on Sunday, went off to Bath and Bodyworks at Vista Ridge. I am going back to Singapore and will be stuffing the "WOMEN" friends and families with Bath and bodyworks lotion and handcream!
Accidentally walked pass, Wetseal and saw their buy one get one for 1ct! So I cannot help but walked into the shop and get myself something. Lucky me, got these 2 for USD14.00!
Happy happy, today next week I be on a flight flying for 30hours back home!

Home sweet home ...

Natural brown refreshing ...

Trying out a simple Natural brown look ...
Lid :
Everyday Mineral Aussie Perk Me Up
Everday Mineral Deep Tan
Simple 1 , 2 and 3, tadah ...Really VERY NUDE ...Looking so naked, kekeke ~

Saturday, June 6, 2009

TKB Pure purple + Smokey XXX

Easy Smokey Purple of the day
Base :
Coastalscents Grapevine

Eye Lid:
TKB Trading Smokey XXX
TKB Trading Pure Purple

Everyday Mineral Lavendar

Hmmmmm should layer the Outercrease with abit of Red, then top it with smokey XXX to create a brighter and deeper intensity!
Next time ...Anyway a simple Purple look ...

Clay + Aloe Gel and Essential Oil

1 tbsp Sea Clay
1/4 tsp French Green Clay
1/8 tsp White Vinegar Powder
2 drops Tea tree oil
3 drops Jojoba
3 tsp water
2 squirt of Aloe Vera Gel
This is shared with hubby but his portion has less ingredient.
My skin is more drying, that is why I added Aloe Vera Gel, and Jojoba for myself. Heeee ...But the consistency feels very watery, globbey and runny, not easy to apply on my face and it took a longer time to dry up. But then the 'result' is DEFINITELY worth it. It is not as drying as the previous time I tried and the END RESULT, is a smooth CLEAN and bright skin! Maybe if I add Aloe Vera Gel, I shouldn't add water, hmmmmm ...

Will try it out again next week!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Blend of a Fiery sunset ...

Red, Orange and Yellow, creates the perfect blend of a great sunset. But it is hard catching this kinda of sunset and only with alot of luck, we get to see it during a beach vacation!! I caught it once during a Krabi Holiday, but our camera couldn't capture the blend of reds ...

But I remember the chances of seeing it was very high during my secondary days where I will go to Woodlands jetty for a evening jog, the sunset is incredible there ...
Base :
Coastal scents 24K

Lid :
TKB Trading Strawberry Pop
TKB Trading Lemon Drop
TKB Tangerine Pop

Highlight :
SM soft sun

A show of Before and After. The lighting is good today, even without any hint of makeup, my face looks so smooth and pore less. THAT is not REAL, yah ~

My humble Pictorial.
I Forgotten a step again! At 4.1) Line 2/3 lower lash with strawberry pop!
This Look is so refreshing comparing to yesterday Smokey Blue right, kekeke ~
This look is sooooooo SPRINGie and bright ...
Make me feel 10years younger, wahahahaha!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Deep deep DARK Blue Sea!

The porn in me comes out again!
One of a 'No No' colour to try is blue because, when I am younger, I always want to do a blue eyeshadow look and it always end up looking 'BRUISED' instead of 'Blue'! Like someone has punched me DIRECTLY in the eye without the blood!
Let see how I fare today!

After checking with tons and tons of online tutorial, and comparing with what I have, this is what I come up with. Smokey Blue is the easier combination ...
Ingredients Used
Base :
Jane Be Pure Gel eyeliner - Black

Lid :
Everday Mineral - Smokey
TKB Trading - Blueberry Pop

Highlight :
Everyday Mineral - 75 Blue

My Humble Pictorial

Oppps, 7) Line lid to finish the look!
This method can be easily converted to Pink Smokey, Red Smokey, Yellow Smokey, Green Smokey and Rainbow Smokey! A very easy smokey look to create using the exact same method. Maybe I should try out this method with the different colours that I have to see how the different colour would change the look!
Please do your eyelashes and darken the eyeliner to create a deeper intensity. A simple Basic look to create for all your NIGHT CLUBBING needs ...

Please note: The colour will always be more vibrant and brighter in REALITY! Colour are often ALWAYS washed out with 'Photograph'.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My first Gucci is here!

My first Gucci - Joy Medium Tote!
I didn't notice that the material was crystal GG fabric, I thought it would be those 100% canvas type. But still I love this, it won't be dirtied that easily (waterproof) and the bag is surprisingly light! It looks like patent leather but it is actually coated fabric!

Light and waterproof, so it will work for me!This is one of the bigger tote that I owned, I guess I don't have the fate to use a large leather tote, it would be too heavy for my weak shoulder!

Downside no zipper!
Hahaha, still a auntie at heart!


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