Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bright and Sunny, Makeup and Shopping!

Jane Cosmetics All Be Pure® Minerals Quad Bronzer.
Now that my skill has improved a little, I tried to use this ALL in ONE again! Very light and neutral, doesn't really show on Photos, but still I think it is a OK neutral everyday look. This IS how I do it ...
Today is REALLY REALLY very hot, ooohhhh Burning HOT ...
But STILL any kind of day is a good day for SHOPPING! Today we visited the Allen Premium Outlet and the drove over to the new Allen Village opposite the Outlet.
My buy of the days, NOT MUCH but still I HAVE to get something back.
Bad habit of shopping!
A birthday Gift for hubby's mom. Don't know she like it or not. But I luff it too wor! NOOOOOOO, I just bought a Gucci, REMEMBER? This is for the hubby's Mom!
Nice hor?

Friday, May 29, 2009

*Yawn* ~~~~ Live Soccer match in a Stadium

I get so bored when I am being forced to watch ALL the sports matches AND NOW I am being 'forced' to go for a soccer match in a STADIUM.

'Yawn.... yeah .... life matches ...I shall prepare to bring my DVD player to watch a MOVIE while the boys are cheering for the teams! Plus me and bro, is sort of more a Man U fan, hmmppffff ..

This is my hubby hobby, forced ONTO me ...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

JCPenney $10 off $25 Coupon

JCPenney $10 off $25 Coupon - Expire 02 June 2009
Wooohoooo, discount coupon!
What can I get from JCPenny!? I am going Shopping!
But cannot be used for cosmetics, bummmer ...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Waxahachie: Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival

Today I did the 3 Tone - white, yellow, brown that I have done last week. Usually if I need to REALLY go out that day, I won't dare to try a new combinations! Hahahaha, no time to RE-DO, if there is any mistakes!

Not much mistakes today. So smoothly I finished my makeup in a total of 30minutes which include cleansing, moisturising as well. Need to practise to SPEED things UP! We took a one hour drive to arrive a Waxahachie, Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival .
Below is my favourite picture of the day from almost 300 pictures ...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Purple Iris Inspired Eyeshadow

Bumped for Naomi contest!
Hee, random surfing and found out that Beauty Addict has a Purple Contest wor!!
What you need to do

Create a wearable purple look using whatever makeup you have. I forgot to mention in the video that you don't have to use only purples but you could use purple with pinks, blues, teals, golds, and so on. As long as you have purple somewhere on your lid, I will accept it.

1. You have to be my follower.
2. You have to have a blog.
3. Take a picture of products you used and list them.
4. Take three pictures of your final look, one looking down so I can see your eye makeup, one looking straight, another one with whatever pose/face you If you are inspired by something or someone, please send me the inspiration picture as well.
5. Post your entry on your blog and send it to me via e-mail( When you e-mail me, please include your blog URL so I know who you are.
6. The dead line is 2weeks from now. (5/25)

And the inspiration I got today is from a POT of flowers I see online long long long ago!
Face :
Base - Diva Defense Primer
Foundation - Everyday Mineral Fairly Light
Blush - Everyday Mineral Pink Ribbon

Base for Lid :
Coastalscents Grapevine
Coastalscents White

Eyeshadow :
Everyday Mineral Cliche
TKB Trading Grape Pop
TKB Lemon Drop
Canmake Metallic White

Underbrow Highlight :
Everyday Mineral Lavendar

Liner :
Jane Be Pure Gel Liner
Step by Step Pictorial
Very dramatic colour dohz, hur hur hur ...Look nice on picture but if I walk on the street with this, I might be mistaken as a stage actress, hur hur ... Nevermind, since it is done, have fun with the made up face!!
Should I use this to join the contest? Submitted!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My first Gucci - Joy Medium Tote!

Annual online Gucci Pre-sale starts!
After tax and shipping, the rough estimates will cost about USD430.00 so about SGD650.00.
40% discount compared to SG price!?
THANKS BRO, Love you a millions!!

TKB Trading Smokey XXX + Strawberry POP

Today Look Of The Day, Saturday Smokey Pink.
TKB Trading Smokey XXX is a combination of Reds, Purprish and brownish smokey greyish colour. It can be used to combine with all these for a smokey effect. Really nice colour to own to blend with different colour for that exotic smokey effect that you want. Love it~
Base lid :
Coastalscent Peach Bellini

Eye Shadow :
TKB Trading Smokey X (Outer Corner)
TKB Trading Strawberry POP (All over lid)

Highlight :
Signature Mineral Soft Sun (Under Brow)

Face Blush :
Everyday Mineral Soft Pink
Very mixed feelings when using such combo, always feel that it make me look very old and mature. Prefer to look naive and kiddish, hahahaha ...
When one get olds, we start to 追逐 (chase after) the fountain of youth ...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Clay Mask; French Green, Sea and Glacial

I finally find a chance to use the Clay I bought sometime ago.
I added; 1tsp of Glacial, French Green Clay and Sea Clay each, and 1 Drop of tea tree oil. And 2 tsp of distilled water. After applying I discover that there are still SOME MORE for another face and my hubby have to try it with me hur hur hur ... He was resisting but I tell him if he don't do it I will have to try it away and he don't want to waste it!!

I applied using my finger and while waiting for the clay to dry up, it feels like the clay begin TIGHTENING up the WHOLE face. It felt like the CLAY SUCKING out all the toxins and dirts of the skin surface!!

After about 20minutes the clay is all DRY UP and after removing there is some reddish reaction on my nose and cheek. I guess this mixture is too drying for my face. But there is No itch or any other sensation. Overall, the face felt smooth, clean and powdery. I applied my moisturiser immediately after.
This MUD will be extremely useful for people who has OILIER skin. I really SUCKED out all the oil on your face! Hubby commented it did make his face felt less oily. I don't think it helps with the black heads, but I guess the sucking feeling felt like it is closing up your pores! I will try individual clay the next time round. The 3 combinations are too fierce for my Dry skin but perfect for my hubby face ...

During application, my THOUGHT, OMG it is PURE *atas* MUD on me.
Not diluted in anyway, PURE MUD!!
Hahahaha, felt so *atas*
Should add my aloe vera gel, and jojoba oil, forgotten about them.

More reviews of this to come ...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Orangey Brown Neutral

WHY I cannot find a shade of brown that look neutral on me. I absolutely love Lumiere Blonde, but that cost USD8 for 2gm. Not that I don't want to buy it again, but I have ALOT of browns that I have used! This time round, I used all the FREE SAMPLES that I have gotten throughout my buys ...
Base :
Everyday Minerals Soft Sun Concealer

Eye Shadow :
La Femme Goddess Bronzer (Orangey)
Everyday Minerals Fair Neutral
Coastalscents Swiss Chocolate

Blush :
Everyday Mineral Everyday Bronzer
Alot of mistakes in my pictorials, hahaha~ Lousy me, forget which colour I actually is using!!
*faint* The condition of my face is TERRIBLE! Very grainy, I need a facial BADLY! Like a VERY expensive facial to sucks all the blackheads, whiteheads outta of my face!!
What's up for tomorrow!?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3 Tone - white, yellow, brown ...

I am so glad I start doing such 'Drama' eye cosmetics at my age now. If I have done this kinda of makeup 10years ago, it would make me look so mature. And now doing this kind of makeup suit my age so much more ...
No one can say the makeup look so old, because I am at 'that' age NOW.

Today's theme is Smokey Yellow?
A little light, A little bright and alittle smokey by the side ...

Base :
NYX Jumbo Pencil Cottage Cheese
Coastal scents 24K Gel liner

Signature Mineral Soft Sun

Eye Shadow :
Everyday Mineral Aussie Perk Me Up (EDM APMU)
TKB Trading Lemon Drop
Everyday Mineral In The Garden
Canmake Metallic White

Eye Liner:
Coastalscents Brown
Oddly I think YELLOW suits me too ... My step-by-step card!
Put so much blush on my cheek, but still the colour doesn't really show. Does it means good or bad when you cannot 'see' the COLOURS you put on the face, hahahaha~
Verdict : PASS!
But could have done better to make the colour more flawless. Example, better brush? Better Primer? Or more Patience? Hmmmm, don't know neh! Two side of my eye are of different shape, it is so difficult to equalised them! That stupid FATTY lid!

Anyway I am so glad by my progress, from initial one colour to 2 colour and now 3 COLOURS! Progress ... ...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Random buy of the week!

My random buys of the week.
But it is still SO COLD COLD COLD here!
Where is SPRING?Going back to Singapore soon ~

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Messy Greys on a gray gray rainy day ...

GREY! The colour I SOOOOOOO wanted to try again!
And since, I have a original plan that I have cancelled and I have no particular place to go to.
Base :
NYX Jumbo Pencil Pots and Pans

Eye Shadow :
TKB Trading Antique Silver Grey
Lumiere Charcoal
Lumiere Glass Slipper (Sparkle)

Highlight :
Lumiere Whisper Gray

Step by step card!
I quite like, but erm not suitable for a DAY look. In reality this look rather smokey and 'messy' for a day look!! Hahaha, people must think that I am MAD! Oh, and you have to USE really GOOD PRIMER for such look, if not the colour might just smudge into one GREY MESS! If there is any Too Face Insurance Eye Primer, I guess I be getting it!! It is time for a upgrade. My skill has a very obvious improvement!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

White base, strawberry Pink!

Today I actually has DONE the makeup twice, and the first Version was BEING washed away and RE-DO another time to reach this current version. AND, this version of PINK, I likey!
Base :
Coastalscents White Gel Liner

Eye shadow :
Lurebeauty Flesh
Everyday Minerals Cherry Flesh
Everyday Minerals Deep Tan (ignore)
TKB Trading Strawberry Pop
The process of doing up is getting easier and easier for me, the problem now is matching the colours and how the colour will look ON my skin. And how the colour would change when mixed and blended. Some colour might look dull but actually be rather dark. Some DARK colour might be rather light. And sometime when 2 colour mix, they changes. So I guess it is all down to trial and error.
How, is it nice?
Nevermind, I likey ...
But still people might laugh at me because the colour would remind them of a 花旦.Anyway MY Verdict:

Thursday, May 14, 2009 1st Haul

Very true to picture shown.
The colour of the turqoise sandals are more bluish to turqoish. Overall goodbuy, pictures shown are very true to what you are getting!

Sandals size are true to size too!
I am 6.5 and 6.5 they are! My only complain is the slow shipping, it took over 7days, my order was so much later but came on the same day as Nevertheless a trustworthy site to buy from. 2009 is here!

No complains, fast shipping.
And sizing is all good!
Happy buys ...
YQ very satisfied with his boardshorts and tee and is preparing to go surfing already!

Wrong PINK attempt!

Side Note: has some great tutorials like "Anatomy of the Eye 101 Diagram" and some steps by steps eye make up tutorial which look logical and rather easy to follow.

Today, I wanted a sweet school girl whitish pinky look but it turns out to be A dirty Pinky attempt that look GREY and smokey!
Maybe I should use brown for my outer V, rather than a Grey which turn out to be purplish ...
Base :
Coastalscent Peach Bellini

Eyeshadow :
EDM Aussie Perk me up
EDM Cherry Fizz
TKB Antique Silver
TKB Raspberry Pop

My Step by step Card ... Don't really like this colour combination, looks more smokey pink then, cutie pink ...
With my undereye ring so dark, the colour look so BRUISED on me ... Random act cute pictures, kekeke ...I want a Virgin School girl Pinkish LOOK!
This look is TOO HEAVY dohz ...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TKB Twilight Lemon Lime ~ Slimey ...

Today Attempt of the day TKB Twilight Lemon Lime!

Eyeshadow Used :
TKB Trading Twilight
TKB Trading Lemon Drop and
TKB TradingLotsa of Lime

Highlight used :
Signature Mineral Radiance and

Base :
Coastalscents 24K Gel Liner
MISSed a step 6.5) Highlight Brow with Signature Mineral Radiance ...
Heeee, I getting good right!
I seriously need to learn how to contour the face!
With my round face, the light just get so overexposed that my face look so MOONish, heee ...

With flash and without flash, a more true colour photos ...
Just VAIN shots!
My skill is really improving ...

Pink to come next?

Monday, May 11, 2009

2 Colour : TKB Trading Smokey XXX and Lure Beauty Flesh

I thought TKB Trading Smokey was a sort of reddish brownish smokey, but it turns out to BE PURPLISH!
So weird ... And I keep wanting to create a smokey purple, and here LIES the smokey purple.
This look is more like the look of 伍咏薇 eye make-up in '緣來自有機' that I want to re-create.
I think I got it finally.
This should be the proper method of pressing the colour on the lid and blending it out lightly. And the colour are more evenly blended out.
Hmmmmm, finally ...
Right or wrong, as long as try and try, one of these day I am bound to GET IT!

Although I don't know what I am doing but this I LIKE!成功!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

FAIL attempt - Ashy Smokey purple ...

I really really like 伍咏薇 eye make-up in 緣來自有機.
Very light smokey grey, looks mature and very alluring and light enough for everyday use hor. But I still like PURPLE laarrrr hahaha...
Eyeshadow colour : TKB Pure Purple, TKB Silver Antique and TKB Ivory Lace
Eyeshadow Base : NYX Pots and Pans
Eye Liner : Jane Be Pure Gel Liner
Heee tutorial card.
Cannot say is tutorial, rather what is my step-by-step ...
FAIL FAIL FAIL, hahahaha ...
The colours are all eaten by the camera, the whole colour really look so much brighter in real life. I think I am TOO FAIR and the light did not BOUNCE off my face, it is ABSORB by my face!

Alright try another setting ...
Hahahaha my make up always look so UNFINISHED! Please be reminded, I only doing a trial and error, not going out with the makeup, this look so UNFINISHED, hahaha~ Pardon me alright!

Lazy me!

TOTALLY fail, doesn't look so much difference with the previous purple hahahaha!.
Never mind try again tomorrow, with just the grays! Or maybe I shouldn't add POTS and PANS, should use a black colour for the base to achieve the 'Smokey' Effect ...

It is NOT THE END, I really 不甘心. AND added MORE black to outcrease and MORE Pure Purple above crease AND blend blend blend ...In the end become DARK smokey purple, So Rocker Chick right!?


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