Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Avon - Skin so Soft, Foaming Oil Body Moisturizer

I think I am trying to take back 20 years of my moisturising life!
I am quite fascinated with AVON Foam Moisturisers, should be easy to use for LAZY people like me!! Furthermore AVON having Free Shipping for USD5.00 and above so I thought of trying out this FOAM Moisturisers.
The other 2 hand cream are just to top up till USD5.00, hahaha~

Sunday, April 26, 2009

TKB Trading Edda's Teal

WOAH TKB Edda's Teal is REALLY bright!!
Only after applying, I abit regret but too late! I look more like going for a Dinner and Dance function! But the colour is REALLY bright and shining!! And best of ALL, I only use A LITTLE bit of the colour! That is why I didn't think that it will be that OBVIOUS ...

By the way this is for a Hiking LOTD!?And I realised that I missed out their 15% discount which ends on 25 April 2008. If not I might get SOME MORE colours. But it is OK, I still has MORE colours to play with ...

TKB Trading; Lemon Drop POP.

TKB Trading colours are here, and the colours are really bright. Before they come I was quite worried because I read online, these MICA are not as adhesive and I should order adhesive powders to mix with these mica for easy application and brighter colour!

I used Coastal Scent Gel liner 24K Gold for base and applied the Lemon Drop Pop, the colour was smoothly applied over and the colour really POP! It was BRIGHT! Hahahaha, maybe it would have been better if I had added some adhesive powder but as long as the colour can be seen, I am happy.I have so many other colour to play with, HAPPY!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Improving eye wrinkles ...

I think the wrinkles that are crowding near my eye is getting less crowded. The smaller lines are less visible, leaving on these few DEEPER ones ...

I guess it should be the Mineral oil, that I am using regularly.
Or maybe because I am FATTER now, and the fats are 'naturally' filling up the wrinkle! Or it might be because I am having a much better beauty regimen than what I have been doing in the past ...
Hmmmmm another note, the pores are getting HUGE on my face. One thing that a woman cannot fight will be gravity and elasticity. Shucks, but as long as I can age gracefully, I shouldn't be complaining too much.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Oil, Mud and Clay ...

Today I learn from EDM forum ...

Use of Essential oil like Vit E or Jojoba oil is the answer to oily skin. WOW ...

Facial Clay and Mineral Dead sea MUD is obscenely CHEAP online!!
And unscrupulous beautician is always telling me that this are dunno wat FUCK Dead sea mineral MUD is how exotic, how rare to find, how expensive it cost etc etc BUT, online New Directions Aromatics is selling these dead sea mineral mud for 1kg, US$11.25!

For 1 Kg I think we can take a bath in it.

French green clay is selling 1kg for US$12.00!

And I have been going to facials for SGD120 per session to use such products!!

I am thinking of trying out the French Clay + Sea Clay Powder + Tea Tree oil Mask for YQ's back. His back always breakout in disgusting pimples!!

But I be buying from gardenofwisdom.com, they sell in smaller quanity and I want to try testing on YQ first before I take my own plunge, hahaha~

HEI the glacier clay is for myself heeee ...

Extract from gardenofwisdom.com
Tea Tree Oil [Australia] Melaleuca alternifolia
This is the "original" tea tree oil that we have heard about for years. With a stronger medicianl smell than the Manuka oil this oil has been used for its healing attributes as well as its properties of being antiseptic, antibiotic, antibacterial, etc...

French green clay
It is the richest in mineral compositions and is excellent for drawing toxins and oils from the skin. Limit use to once per week. Great for problem skin, not for sensitive skin and used in powders is very effective to keep sweat absorbed.

Sea clay
It is excellent for ALL skin types! Used in masks, bath products, powders and soap. The high mineral content helps to draw impurities from the skin.

Glacial Clay
This clay hermetically seals your skin with its microscopic particle elements. The clay's negative charged ion particles absorb positively charged impurities, dead skin cells and bacteria to effectively remove them from your skin pores. Toxins and impurities are removed from your skin with the clay as it is washed away. Natural circulation brings impurities as well as the necessary nutrients and cell-generating oxygen to the surface of the skin.
In the end, I bought SO MUCH!??
But I realised I click the wrong shipment charge, waiting for them to get back to me ...

YEAH! Luxurious, Home spa facial ...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moisturiser Pt 2 : Face

Face Oil and Moisturiser
Does everyone need skincare?
I don't really have a proper skincare REGIMEN even until NOW!

All thanks to my Mom + Dad, I am genetically built to have good skin and even after going through Chemo, SCT and Radiotherapy. No doubt my skin has deteriorate ALOT after all these torments and it is only after Radiotherapy that I start to worry because the skin suddenly deteriorate not to mention the mnp starts to show on the skin as well ...

Maybe I would have BETTER skin than what I have now if I have done all the 'proper' procedures throughout my life. But when I was much younger in my teens, my mother would always dissuade me doing any facials. She has seen her friends' daughter going for facials and having breakout after that.

HER advice to me is to wash my face ONLY.
No TONER, no moisturiser or even SUN BLOCK!

Even than I think I have a much better SKIN than most teenagers or people in their twenties!

Skincare is ONLY one small part of the skin health.
What about exercising? Sweating to detox the skin?
Your diet is also the crux of your skin health.
It is NOT how expensive your moisturiser or how much facials you go to or even what kinda of 'facial' pills you take!!

THESE are all my face items ...
I started using facial OIL was in Singapore, I think the brand was genvera. But I saw on Taiwanese show that that is not advisable because facial oil is not absorbent and it will make the surface doubly oily!

But using these oil at night I find it ok. Furthermore I have a bad habit of not washing my face in the morning unless I be doing make up that day. Highly recommended will be Jason Nature Vitamin E Oil 5,000 IU. This particular oil is lighter and easily absorb into the skin. After a few days of application, I noticed my face has a thin shine and PLUS this oil SMELL nice; the ALMOND smell, yummy!

Jojoba oil is too thick, but I guess can be recommended to add a few drops when you are doing a facial mask. But for me I just rotate use these oil! As long as my face is oily I don't really care.
For moisturiser I swear by Bodyshop moisture white Serum, I have used about 4 bottles of these, I used to only used that as a moisturiser ONLY! I heard that this series is phasing out, so sad. And the last discount I bought the Night moisturiser to try as well.

The other two are Kawaii Tokyo that I bought from Singapore, it is a moisturiser + toner + brighter up gel etc etc. Think it has got 6 function in it! And it is very light!! I used this day and night and especially love it before using make up because this is a very light moisturiser and very easily absorb into the skin. The neutrogena is also a typical before makeup moisturiser I used because it is very light and more gel-liked so it absorbed faster.

Now that mineral make up has 'Natural' sun block properties, I had stopped using sun block on my face. Because usually sun block are really greasy and leaves a very yeeky layer of 'oil' on the face.

I have recieved a few compliments from complete strangers here in USA, 'exclaiming' on my fairness and nice skin especially when I am makeup-less. I am really flattered!!

You don't need EXPENSIVE products to get good skin. I guess the 'days' and 'hours' I spend indoor, plus I seldom eat 'heaty', 'fried' or BBQ food does help with good skin. And I don't eat as much 'Red' meat, and I try to snack on Grapes rather than Calbee. It will be better if I drink more water, and has better sleeping hour, my bad habit as well, haizk!
And I highly promote MINERAL MINERAL or ALL natural Make UP.
It look natural, very lasting, suitable for most skin and easily removed!!
Even when 'FLASHED' on the make up look all natural without a Whit-ish cast!

Sweating also help with detoxing the skin giving it a 'GLOW' and remove the grayish overcast, so if you feel your skin looking grayish and dull. Go and sweat it out! Me? I go sauna and steam bath, MY SKIN like!! It will GLOW like a bulb after all the sauna and steaming ...

Formula for good skin?

Eat + drink + sleep + sweat + basic facial regimen = Good skin

Of core Gene plays a part too, if your gene fails you, then it is DOUBLE the work! I regret alot that I started my regimen so late, but it is better late then never especially when one gets older the MORE one need to 'prep' the skin for the harsher environment that we are in now.

Research for your own skin-type and recommendations from the various forum. There are tons of advices for cheaper alternatives to all different types of skin. Remember there is NO 丑女人只有懒女人. (no ugly woman only lazy woman)

I should start researching for Cosmetic Surgery soon. I give myself till 35 to start going for such procedures, but pray hard that I need it after 40s. Hahaha ~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moisturiser Pt 1 : Hand and Body

These are most of my 'moisturising' products. I believe there are still some that are hidden somewhere which I might have missed out. Here consist of hand, face and body moisturisers of mine. Also inclusive Sun Block mist and insect repellent.
Hand and Body Moisturisers
I think it is not only ME, almost all gals have this bad habit of trying moisturisers anywhere and when one smell nice, they will want to buy it home. I also has this very bad habit BUT I am not a 'frequent' user until now in USA, because the air here is really DRY DRY DRY, and my leg is already CRACKING away. I don't have this problem in Singapore but the 'signs' are showing here. Maybe this is retribution, because I always scold my friend for not applying moisturiser to their cracking leg ... keke ... For my body when I am lazy, I be using Neutrogena lotion. Lotions are thinner and easier to apply and faster to dry up, oooopss should be absorbED. This bottle is always just beside the bed because there are time halfway through the night when my hand are SO DRY I will have to wake up and apply moisturiser. Unbelievable but yes I do that because the palm are too dry it get itchy!
And only recently I started slapping the lurebeauty.com exotic butter body cream on my body. These are thick and I had to spent ALOT of time slowly applying throughout the body and if the weather is too humid it will take alot of time to dry out. But the effort is really PAYING off, my skin is softer, fairer and more transparent!! The butter or the 'imprisonment' at home is doing the work??

THE MOST highly recommended hand cream by me will be Neutrogena Norwegian formula Fast absorbing hand cream!! There are the best ANYWHERE, but the CONS are, these are a tad bigger than the usual traveler or trial pack to chuck in a small bag.

And I only start trying the Bath & Body Works Anti-bacterial Moisturizing hand lotion by a friend. This is very light lotion and smells NICE but it is not 'oily' enough for me. It dries to a powdery effect, which I don't really like, but still it has anti-bacterial properties which make a good travelling bring along ...

Of course there are still alot of trial tuber here and there which I throw in different Handbags because I'll just get it when I forgot to bring one out and just get it anywhere in a Supermarket. I am VERY static and I need one of these especially when I am in a Walmart or Target to 'oil' myself if not I just 'electrify' myself to death!

Hope to chop chop finish ALL these and BUY new ones to try!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Coastal Scents + Avon is here!

As alot online blogger has indicated the GOLD seems more bronzey copper than 'GOLD' colour. Really excited, but we are planning for a 'HIKE' this weekend. So I am waiting for my yellow and green for a Spring colour mix or try a 'Pinky' look! Can't wait ...
Avon is here, love UPS delivery. Their KNOCK is loud enough and I usually will hear the delivery man from UPS but ALWAYS miss out USPS. I suspect, they didnt really walk up to deliver, they just 'keh keh' and leave a note at our mailbox to get us to collect in their office. REALLY idiotic!

Aside from that, I LOVE the smell of AVON product, sooooooooooooo SPA smell! Typically the kinda of 'ocean' smell that I love.
But I have more than enough 'moisturising' products to last me for quite some time!! That will be my next post coming up!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Romantic Purple ...

I never thought purple suit me so much until during ROM, my makeup artist used Purple on me, and because I am TOO sick and got NO strenght to dispute him. The 'trial' this time round looks more 'polished' than the last time, I did it. Hope it gets better ...
Base : White Gel liner
Highlighter : Signature Mineral, Lavender concealor
Whole eyelid : Lumiere Purple haze
Outer V : Lumiere Divine
Inner corner : NYX Cottage cheese and Lumiere Gold Pristine

And I realised, that even if I cannot use the Jumbo Pencil on the lid, I can still use it UNDER the eye! Heeeee, happy ...

Friday, April 17, 2009

e/s again, TKB trading this time ...

I am really 'Just bored', and has really NOTHING to do and maybe spending abit of money making me feel better. I don't really like the idea of having samples in baggies but their samples are ONE TABLESPOON FULL! That is alot! I can live with that, heee ...

Colourful Choices this time round, because having really DULL colour doesn't really show on pictures which defeat the purpose of putting on makeup right ... Cross finger hoping that I have more chances to use these and I don't mean parading these colours at home or Walmart.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Free shipping from AVON.com, so I kpo go in and take a look.
There are some other promotions, 60% off to select products or Buy 1 get 2nd for free etc.

Insect Repellant with SPF30, how cool is that!
Hahahaha for a 宅女 what do I need that for, BUT I rather prepare for that 万一! Picture mistake, I think I meant 2 for USD7.00 each.

After which I saw some other cheap cheap moisturisers and 有的没有的 hahaha ~
Slowly I seems to have made a 'Huge' collection here! After this product come, I should do a OVERALL skin products that I have had here since I come! hahaha ~

Monday, April 13, 2009

NYX Bulk Sales again ...

内幕 news from az, Bulk Sales from NYX again ...
I think the eyelashes are cheap, it comes up to about USD0.80 per pair ...
I will totally GET IT, if not for my lousy wear eye lashes skill!!
Dangz ... The rest are totally cheap too BUT I have to keep reminding myself that I am now into Minerals and Organics on my skin ...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Coastalscents Gel liner + Avalon Organic Facial Wash

I succumbed, BECAUSE I used this before and the gel liner colour is really thick and rather lasting, doesn't crease on me. I dropped platinum for black!
And a new facial cleanser, Avalon Organics, Co Enzyme Q10 Facial Cleansing Milk, 8.5 fl oz (250 ml), from Iherb.com. All the reviews for this facial wash seems good furthermore, I am a firm believer of COQ-10.
From Mineral slowing moving towards Organics ...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Coastal Scents Gel Liner : BUY 3 GET 1 FREE

Coastal Scents Gel Liner
Price: $6.95

USPS First Class mail : USD4+
WAH! SO tempted, I miss their 25% discount the last time round. The chance is here again, but have to be BUY so many. CRAZY!
SHOULD I? Nvm still got a few days to consider whether I have place for more junks!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

E.L.F Mineral Make-Up 50% Discount.

E.L.F Mineral Make Up @ 50% Discount.So tempted AGAIN!!!
I KNOW I am going to regret if I didn't GET ANYTHING!!
BUT I have so much mineral EVERYWHERE and how to pack them and get it back to Singapore!?

In the cart already about 24 items costing USD40.00 which is USD1.60 per item = SGD2.40! HOW CHEAP right!?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lumiere Purple Haze to Circus

YEAH -, first time trying colourful shadow BUT it turn out to be a DISASTER because I act clever (keh kiang) try to do the base with with Cottage cheese NYX Jumbo PEN! I should THROW it away, really shitty! Immediately DURING the eye shadow application already CREASE like mad. Is it me or is it the product!? Since it is so cheap, I should really TRY to make the product work for ME! HA!

But I think Purple Haze from Lumiere suit me very well. I will do it BETTER the next time round. This typical colour sample also give very little. Bleah stingy ... ~Looking forward to try the Purple haze again ~

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Order from Iherb.com is here!

The 'Miracle oil' order from iherb.com came. The order came rather fast and was packed in a box. With the USD1+ shipping, I thought they would anyOhow use just a Envelope to send over. *Impress*

The forummers at EDM were all commenting that these oils can help with Acne, Psoriasis, eczema, also moisturising the skin, reducing wrinkle, reducing redness/inflammation, EVEN help with oily skin, set makeup etc etc etc!! AND BEST Of ALL, it is cheap. There are people who ONLY use this as moisturiser, there are those who mixed into their usual moisturisers. For me, since it is so cheap, try lo. Since it is 'natural', I don't mind ... Review of the oil soon ~

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lumiere Charcoal & Dirty Blonde

WOAH it has been 3 weeks since I do any make up. I really 'lost touch'! Really LOST, forget what I should do. Like, How BIG area should I tap the colour, how much should I smudge etc hahahahaha~

Learning Make up, Like learning language hahahaha, must use often if not will be losted, so funny ...

These 2 are my favorite Lumiere Colour; Charcoal and Dirty Blonde. But don't know why, the samples of Dirty Blonde not much and it is finishing soon.
I should really be more experimental with colour. But one of the problem with my eye IS, TOO OILY and Dark eye ring too DARK. So usually if I use a light colour like pink or pastel, usually it will just smudge to be a 'Swollen eye', or 'Bruised eye'. But know I am more skillful, maybe I should give it a try again ...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jason Nature Jojoba and Vit E oil

I was reading the EDM thread, the forummers were saying that using Jojoba oil and Vitamin E Oil as moisturiser was essential for perfect, easy and smooth application of the mineral powder base, plus a ton of other benefits.

Jason Natural Organic brand was recommended by the forummers on iherb.com website!

Jojoba Pure Beauty Oil, 1 fl oz (30 ml) USD5.03.
Vitamin E Oil 5,000 I.U. Pure Beauty Oil, 4 fl oz (125 ml)USD4.20.

Shipping for this 2 product is USD1+.

The stupid me forget to search for 'Discount' coupon.
But for other readers who wanted to buy feel free to use this referral for your first purchase to get USD5.00 off. YQ will KILL me for not doing any 'searching' for discount, but too late.

Referral Code : CET100

I intend to add the oil to my moisturiser or aloe Vera gel that is still in my fridge to use as a mask on my face ...

I am such a cheapo cosmeskincare (cosmetic+skincare) junkie!!


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