Monday, March 30, 2009

EDM Spree to share, SG only!

For Friends ONLY.

Before I go back to Singapore in June I am thinking or ordering a set of Everyday Mineral of their Super Custom Kit - Full US$50.00.

Anyone want to share?
12 Items for USD50.00 (before tax)
Postage USD6.00 (rough est.)
Tax : 8.25%

Comes up to roughly USD5.00 per item.
First Come first served till Orders filled up.
  1. A Skunkless Foptic Brush!

  2. Long Handled Kabuki

  3. Flat Top Brush

  4. Eye Kabuki Brush

  5. Blush - Pink Ribbon

  6. Angled (Super FULL) Blush Brush - Pat

  7. Flat Top Brush - Pat

  8. Eye Kabuki Brush - Pat

  9. Foundation Brush - Pat

  10. Base - Beige-Fairly Light (Semi-Matte)- Pat

Or any items you want to get individually, email me.

Friday, March 27, 2009

CONTEST- win a full sized set of Spring Solstice shadows!

Heeee, Aromaleigh having a Contest and you just have to link back to their Webpage from your website.

And up for grabs are these FULL SIZED sets of the Limited Edition Spring Solstice collection which are retiring colours!
Pretty pretty colours!
They will validate the entries at the very beginning of April and hold a video drawing that will be posted on their You Tube channel which 5 winners will be drawn!

Click here for more information!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NYX Sales Lobang ~

NYX Package sales.
Tempted to get their Lippie package but 30 COLOUR!?
30 colour for USD24.00 cheap right!
Too much but if anyone is a lip stick 'Collector', why not haha~

Their eye shadow promotions is FINISHED!
Quick quick if you gals are interested ...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Momo mineral brushes - not up to my expectation ~

I bought this momo mineral set as from recomendation from Comparing it to Everday Mineral Brushes, how should I put it; Heaven and Earth of difference!

The travelling SETs are really TOO SMALL for me to use BUT separately I bought the Classic Kabuki Brush as well. All the comparison pictures used are with this particular brush because the travelling set brushes are EVEN smaller than that!
Comparing with EDM Long handled Kabuki and Flat top brush. Momo brushes is less FLUFFY, i guess less bristles? For people with BIG FACE like me, I think these brushes are basically useless, cannot give me the type of coverage I wanted, and more difficult to spread the colour the way I wanted! I love BIG FLUFFY brushes!
Really regretted buying this travelling set and Classic Kabuki, SHOULD have spend MORE and gotten from Everday Mineral instead!
BUT my friend loves it, she commented that the brushes are very SOFT ...

CONCLUSION: Shouldn't compare this side by side with EDM brushes. Totally different, really blindsided by their reviews!! EDM brushes are definitely flufflier and more worth it!

I am lemming to get this new brush from EDM!
Your new bamboo "Foptic" brush is perfect for blending application of all your Everyday Minerals Face and Base products. "Skunkless" means it is cruelty free! Made of super super super soft synthetic bristles!

Anyone want to SHARE the 'Super Custom Kit - Full', 12 items for USD50.00? Which comes down to USD4 per item! But for 'free shipping' back to Singapore has to wait till June when I go back! kekeke~

Friday, March 13, 2009

Make UP for my 7 Days trip in Vegas ...

For 7 days my FACE bloat like a puffer fish and the skin cannot absorb ANY COLOUR! Once out of the hotel, the colour smudges like crazy! Or maybe because of the lighting in the hotel room?!

Close up ... My face bloats for a VARIETY of reasons; Cold weather, too much MSG, not enough sleep, SICK, drink too much water the night before etc etc etc and ALOT of UNKNOWN reasons!

Arrrrghhhhh, so with that much 'reasons', when I am travelling at least one of the reason WILL confirm occur, and the face WILL bloat UP in the morning, and sometime it will UNBLOAT only till late in the evening!!
But some mornings I be perfectly alright ...


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mineral Vs Normal Foundation ...

Comparision of using normal make-up and mineral make up.
Mineral are so light that it look 'natural' even using flash to take pictures.
And using normal foundations, my face has a CAKE of layer even thou it is only a very 'thin' layer. Normal foundations are not translucent enough for that 'Natural' look that I like ...But mineral makeup, really make my skin feels dry, but I cannot blame it on 'Mineral' because the weather here is REALLY dry. Back in Singapore, this will not be an issue ANYMORE!

Oh another girlfriend commented she converted to mineral after she got pregnant, she says so that incase the baby touches the makeup on her face, the mineral makeup are not toxic to the baby ...

Good point made!
If it is non toxic to a baby, it should be safe for yourself.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

ELF nude + ELF Eye Primer (Fail)

Hey I LOVE LOVE the nude, but I think I swipe on alot of layers hahaha!
I tried the Primer as well BUT I guess I cannot use 'Crayony stuff' as it CREASES on my eyelid. I better 'STICK' to l'oreal decrease and Coastalscents Gel liner. And use the 'Primer' as a Undereye Concealor! That all ...

NYX Jumbo Pots and Pans + ELF loot!

I tried the LAST colour, I tried to smudge it after applying on the lid. It does help abit but still it doesn't MAKE the colour POP. I still prefer Coastalscents gel liner as a base. HA, regret that I didn't get more when they had discount for their gel liner! But still for everyday Office use, I think it can make do! But since I don't do makeup daily, I guess I can USE gel liner EVERYTIME I do makeup which is once a week, kaka ~Lumiere : Whisper gray and Charcoal

Heeeee and my Look VERY PRO brushes are here and alot of other JUNKS! Would be reviewing them very soon!
P/S: The weather is so dry now, my makeup look more natural and sink-in after I sleep in it and wake up! Duhz, hahahaha ...


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