Friday, February 27, 2009

My NYX review - 2 Jumbo Pencil and 6 NYX lip Colour!

NYX ice mocha and NYX cottage cheese.
I think my Lid are too OILY to use the jumbo pencil but the colour did well under the brow and at the edge of the eyes.I tried doing a tri-tone and feel that it look too mature on me. Anyway I cannot use NYX jumbo pencil as my base, it creases so badly. I am not sure whether the problem is I didn't do it right. I might just do more research and try it again! AND I tried the NYX lipsticks for a few hours, the allergy didn't appear. It stay FINE on my lips. No heart palpitations on the lip!! Yay, I tell my SO, I really 贱命, can only use cheapo stuffs. Hahahaha ~

1st row: Circe, Rea, Narcissus
2nd row: Soda Orange, Tea Rose, Copper Brown
But sad to say I only FELL for Circe & Soda Orange ...

The rest are too Bright or too DULL which make me look sickly or 中毒 ...
I think I can only use soft bright colour, if not I look very mature!
I guess I shall throw all these to my MOM!
She is my Recycling Bin!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hardly there orangey bronzer ...

Look ok on picture especially with flash but look very SICKLY in real life or I am just not used to it? All colour used from the All Jane Mineral Bronzer Palette!But the all in one colour palette easy for everyday uses ...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2009 1st NYX Haul is here ...

YEAH finally they are HERE!
I am not expecting much from the texture, BUT THEY are super smooth to draw on. Unlike so cheapo crayon that pull the skin! It just glides on. Will update more when I used it on my LID! But so far so good. The colour are more 'sparkly' then I expected. I prefer a more matte colour ...

'Cottage cheese, Ice Mocha & Pots & Pans Jumbo Pencil'
Need to USE it on the lid to comment whether I recommend to get this as a base!! Stay tune to Watch out!

Monday, February 23, 2009

ELF Studio Line - 50% off!

Ahhhhhhh 'bo dai bo ji' (for no reason) I spend another USD30+ because of az, I sneak into ELF to take a look and found out their Studio Line was 50% off. I 'bio' that line for sometime liao because it look 'PRO' hahaha~

And with Half off, it is USD15.00, why not right! But then again their shipping is NOT cheap either USD6.50! So I got some other stuff to average out the shipping. At USD1 for their barangs, the heart MELTS easily.

Total damaged here : USD30.95!
I really should take a break and tear MYSELF away from all the online shopping for the moment, and continue AFTER my Las Vegas trip!

Enter 'Studiohalf' at checkout.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mineral Smokey Brown ~

Doneded during Valentine's day!
But very satisfied with the result!
Main Colour : EDM Wildflower
Coastalscents gelliner as base
Lumiere Vanilla Bean as highlighter!HEH HEH comparison of before and after makeup!
OF course there is a big difference, if not I wouldn't be doing make up!

'Video + pictorial Video For smokey brown'

Saturday, February 21, 2009

NYX Order from Mscuppycakes!

I had ordred 6 lipstick, 3 jumbo pencils and 2 falsies for USD24.00 from Mscuppycakes. NYX cosmetics are highly RAVE onlines because of their prices. Their round lipsticks are selling for average USD2 and Jumbo pens for USD3. I am so tempted to get the lippie BUT I have lip allergy since I started using MAC like 12years ago. And from then I couldn't use any lipsticks anymore. But for others who are interested Cherry Culture, Nonpareilboutique and Mscuppycakes. The cheapest I can find online are from Mscuppycakes USD1.25 at a flat rate shipping of USD3.50!

Hopefully I can 'successfully' use these lipsticks and I can continue to get more colours! Seems like the order will be coming tomorrow!

EDM smokey Pink and Cliche ~

Trying one of the 'OLD' mineral colour.
EDM smokey pink and Cliche as base.
Bleah, why my eye circle that bad!
Haizk ...Colour instead look better in the mirror!
Such neutral colour thou doesn't pop in pictures but it will look 'natural' in Real life ~

Thursday, February 19, 2009

February - Finally I am uptodate!

Finally order MORE eyeshadows to play with from Lumieres! Hmmmmm, their website provide swatches for buyer, which make it easier for us to choose colours from. I want ALL the colour BUT I cannot do that, so GREY is my main focus ...

But see what I got in the end ... The stock came quick, neat and in nice square container ...
My first trial, Lumiere : Whisper Gray + Charcoal and Coastal scents: White Gel liner as base. PERFECT, I love this combo, but forget how I got it! Hahahaha ~~
Lumiere: Dirty Blonde + Vanilla bean, Coast scents: white gel liner ...
Very neutral, Lumiere eyeshadow are very matt and very soft. Very neutral, almost very INVISIBLE! Good for everyday office use ...
Whisper Gray + Charcoal and Coastal scents: White Gel liner as base. Tried it a second time but doesn't seems to get the effect like the first time. Duhz ...
Myprettybox for Feb came, really waste my effort waking up so early! Duhz, give it a miss, USD12.00 can be UTILIZED so much better with other junks!
Requested for a FULL makeup countdown.
Take a look at my Collection!
Compare to Pro Junkies, I think I am very noobish to show my collection.
Yes, I don't do lipstick because 12 years ago, after using MAC lipstick and developed a allergy, I can NEVER use lipstick without the lip growing bee hives
lookalike blisters! But I have tried EDM balm and it work OK, so I am waiting for a better promotion before buying up ALL the colours!
Not much but already too much such that alot are still yet to try it out yet!
Lumiere: Dirty Blonde + Vanilla bean, Coast scents: white gel liner ...
YEAH finally up to date with my post ...
From the next post onwards, it will be a post by post instead of a month summary.
I need to SUMMON some courage to try MORE COLOURFUL eye shadow ...


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