Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Planning for a short holiday!

Planning for another vacation.

Cancun maybe?
Still at the budgeting stage, but hopefully the budget allow us to go for it. I am really tired of the COLD, hoping for some sunshine in my life!!

Swimming with dolphins, mayan ruins, blue blue sea and a visit to their ecological park, Xcaret!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

X'mas Sunday ard Downtown Denver ...

It was a half an hour drive to Molly Brown House ...

From Wikipedia (Credit)
The Molly Brown House Museum (also known as House of Lions) is a house located at 1340 Pennsylvania Street in Denver, Colorado, United States that was the home of American philanthropist, socialite, and activist Margaret Brown. Brown was known as "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" because she survived the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The museum now located in her former home presents exhibits interpreting her life and that of Victorian Denver as well as architectural preservation.

Photography NOT ALLOW in the house!

The tour took about 30-45minutes, but parking was FREE on Sunday!

State Capitol of Denver ...

Confluence Park, where GOLD is discover and DENVER is founded!

A cold cold day, even with the sun shining, it is still MINUS degree celcius!

Sun starts to set when it is about 4pm ...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Recently we are watching and chasing 绝代商娇 and I noticed this bag used by 佘诗曼 and for some unknown reason I just thought it should be miu miu bag!

And immediately I check for it online and true enough it was THE FIRST BAG featured on for miu miu, selling for USD1,520.00! I Likey but too expensive for me :(  because with my short attention span, I doubt the price can be FULLY depreciated! But still I would love to go down to store and take a look at this bag. I have '缘分' with the bag...

Coffer matelasse leather hobo

Stone matelasse leather hobo with gold-tone hardware. Miu Miu hobo has a plaited top handle, a detachable shoulder strap, two press-stud-fastening front pockets, a press-clasp fastening at front with a fold-over flap, a detachable keyring with a concealed key detail, an internal zip-fastening pocket and is fully lined in black canvas. Designer color: Cuoio.
Anyone going to Europe soon?

Maybe a cheaper option, MARC BY MARC JACOBS  ...

MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Classic Q - Drawstringy' Shopper

Going Shopping soon, I need a new bag!!

YES, I can get Face Shop online, and there is FREE SHIPPING on orders over USD50.00!! Happy, happy happy! I still have alot of stuffs back home in Texas but then at least I can get some familiar stuffs online and best of all it seems to be cheaper than in SG!

I just bought this ECO VERT DAILY MOISTURIZER in July and it cost me SGD47.90 (after 20% discount) but then it is selling USD20.00 online. WTF, feels so ROBBED! But nevermind, it is finishing SOON, I can surf around for my NEXT moisturiser!!

But of course it won't be as cheap as buying it in Korea. I miss Korea already. Hopefully I get the chance to visit Korea FREE AND Easy with Hubby in 2010!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

One Day trip : Cheyenne Mountain Zoo + Manitou Spring!

Early in afternoon, nice nice weather at the zoo but still COLD, brrrrrr ....

Zoo Famous Exhibit, their GIRAFFES!

Up close and PERSONAL with the giraffes!

Bear Yawning its head off, they are in Hibernation Mode!


What is HE looking at?

Woooo Up close and personal with the primates as well ...

I am so honoured that he is willing to pose for me!

Will Roger Shrine up above the MOUNTAIN ZOO!

Manitou Spring Old Town ...

Their famous Manitou Spring bath House that is RE-renovated for business.

a few of the different Mineral Spring Spigot for Tourist to 'Drink'!

Accidentally drop my NEW camera and caused a DENT and some scratches, Heart Pain but then again since it has already had some scratches, I don't need to treat it like treasure!! Woooo can rough use already!

Friday, December 18, 2009

W300 sick and in need of a standby camera ...

Hubbie uses his lunch time and went down to get the camera for me!
He manage to use a USD20.00 off USD100.00 discount coupon from Radioshack, happy!!
And there is a USD20.00 royalty rebate from Canon inc. So in total we gotten ourselves a USD40.00 discount before tax! So strictly speaking, I am within my budget of USD150.00! (erm extra 10++)
My W300 was sent in for repairs. Initially I thought that my W300 was dead for sure, but hb manage to convinced them to have it repair for FREE! I was like WTF!!! I have already start to surf around for my next new camera, but wth ~

Actually it is not as SPOIL as I scripted it out to be, the problem is the flash cannot be startup. Otherwise every other thing is in perfect condition! So I felt abit heartpain when I know that that particular problem is spoil and I have to spend another 300-400 for another new camera. Furthermore, the new cameras nowadays has very bad reviews and there is NON that I really wanted to get at this point of time. I have already plan to use my W300 for at least 2years. But well ....

I have already sent it in for repair.
And then I realised I might only get it back after one month plus, maybe in late January or early february??? Unlike in Sg we can just WALK in for repair but here we have got to SEND IN. One week to send it in, 7-10days for Repair, and another One week to send back to Dallas. And if I am still in Denver, it will take another 1 week to be send to me, if there is anyone in Dallas to help us collect it and send it to me.

So I keep complaining, moaning, mopping around the room until hb throw out the towel and agree to get one STANDBY FOR ME! Yippee for my next digital camera Canon PowerShot SD780 IS Digital Camera.

Please note this is BACKUP, STANDBY and not something I HOPE or wanted. It is PURCHASE under INFLUENCE (PUI). So i want something cheap, and if I don't like the specification, at least I will like 'THE DESIGN' kinda of camera ...

Hb getting it for me tonight, so excited.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

AE BOGO 50% Top and final 25%

Got some AE items again. As always when it is nearing the Xmas season AE always has this FREE SHIPPING, BOGO 50% and a final percentage of discount. And this year it is 25% discount, ALOT yeah! But last year the undies was 8 for USD25, but with the 25% final discount so it makes up for that ONE piece of undies! And still send to us some USD10 off $30 coupon!! More shopping IN STORES for clearance items to take advantage of the 30% further discount! Happy ...

Lumiere Pre-buy Brush finally!

I finally join the Lumiere Cosmetics - Mineral Makeup Pre-buy with some random brushes. The reviews for their brushes are very good. The bad is, the brush will only be arriving in February next year.

And it is rather risky for me because I will never know where we are at any point of time. BUT WTH ~ I missed it last year, I really want a part of it this YEAR!

Hahaha JUNKS JUNKS JUNKS, how to go back to SG with all these JUNKS!?

But I really need a good new blusher ...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TGIF 3 for USD12.90

Hubbie brings me out on a date to TGIF because of their promotion; Apetiser, Main Entree and Desert for USD12.90! I thought that the amount of food will be reduced BUT NO all are FULL MEALS! I am FULL after ONE potatoe SKIN, hahaha ~ He loves loves loves the RIB in TGIF! In the end most of my steak are and both of our desserts are TO-GO!

Our TO-GO become a FULL SUPPER for hubbie in the end ...
I guess we will be back soon!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Avon gel mask

In the rush to come down to Denver, I forget to bring ANY MASK to use here in SNOW country and my skin cannot take the torment of the heater ANYMORE. Sooo, I took advantage of Avon free USD10 shipping and purchase myself some mask.

I didn't know that they are GEL mask, I usually prefer paper mask. Didn't know how to use this but I gotten use to it and try to apply before my bath and wash it during/after and slap on my moisturiser. BUT I still prefer Paper mask that I can use and throw and goes to bed ...

But this really hydrates my skin very well too, a matter of getting used to it I guess ...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Colorado Winter Ski Park

My first time here.
Hubbie wants to try his hand on Ski, and we really have ZERO idea how a SKI park LOOKS like or how things are situated. BASICALLY we have ZERO idea! So we drove 1.5hr up the mountain to take a look. And it is after 3pm so parking is FREE and we realised the cable stops at 4pm, and that is why parking is free! If not parking for a full day is USD20.00!

NO FEELING at ALL! Basically I hate the cold and starts to wonder if I can stand the cold for 2.5hour if I want to learn snow blading ~ Hahaha, I told YQ to just book me a room so that I can surf net, watch TV or read a book while I wait for him to finish his snow activities! Cosy room and hot cocoa with view of a SNOW mountain, Life ~
We might be starting my first SKI experience SOON!

AND HE CANNOT wait to JUMP into the SNOW!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

In Denver ...

Finally settle down in Denver ...
The plan was to stay here for about 2months and then we will go back to Texas (hopefully). Didn't bring much here especially my makeup, and now really regretting it. Weather here is VERY DRY and I actually forget to bring all MY MASKS! What a waste, haiz ~ Since we drove down from Texas so I couldn't bring as much as I wanted to because we brought down some cooking utensil for the stay here too! (Example, OVEN!) Please let hubbie finish the project here smoothy and we can go back to Texas and stay there for the rest of SIX months before I go back to Singapore!!

Black friday here wasn't as exciting this year because of the restriction of driving back in a car but then I has actually BOUGHT alot of stuffs already. Hopefully I can restart my lazy ass and start paying to some attention to my blog here!!

Stay tune more to come ...


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