Sunday, August 31, 2008

About this blog

I am a Singaporean bored housewife somewhere far far away in Texas. So staying young, looking pretty and being healthy is MY JOB now.

Here, MAINLY journals my makeup journey with minerals which started about Sep 08'. I am a newbie in Makeup, only starting to experimental with Eye shadow colours in Dec' 08.

At current my 3 major hobby are Blogging, shopping and Make up! And now I am combining them here; Make Up + blogging and maybe abit of my shopping hauls. I cook everyday too and starting to enjoy it BUT hate washing up. Might have some FOODie post and some travelling post as well!!

Makeup with minerals + Skincare + Blogging + Shopping + Travelling + Photography = My Junk Hobbies!

Disclaimer : I am no expert in any of the hobbies I mentioned, just someone who is too free and likes to write. Everything written is my very own opinions. Please do not be affected by my judgement.

Basic Info -

Everyday Mineral Beige Fairly light

Sony DSC W300
Rebel XSI

Software Used:
FastStone Resizer


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