Thursday, February 13, 2014

Great but slow start to Horsey Year!

CNY is finally ending, and I know HORSE year will be a BIG bang for us!
Snake years were LAME, and our life seems to have been on PAUSE, but big things are coming and I know it's gonna be GOOD! So I will most likely resume my LIFE in MARCH!? Hopefully, I can restart it EARLIER ...

Day One of CNY, RED RED to start the Horsey Year!
But TOto very grouchy because not enough SLEEP laaaaaaaaaa ...

My All time favourite, Mom's Steamboat!

Another Celebration at Ben's!
With MsChan DIY Yusheng, and it's yummy ...
Within a few minutes ALL FINISH, like WTH?
Not enough for ME!

The gang that came to participate!
And this is our "SO NEAR YET SO FAR", hopefully I can reveal SOON!
Catching up on the blog here soon!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant - Clarke Quay

Happy Birthday my Dear 'OLD' friend!!!
And she chosen Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant - Clarke Quay.
Hubba was so late, I was worried that we couldn't make it in time!
LUCKILY we made and made all the orders right before 'last order'!

The sashimi is THICK and FRESH!

Thumbs up for Soft shell crab!

I had the Salmon Don and I love the sweet sushi rice!

Stay Young and Sweet FOREVER!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Good riddance 2013, 2014 here I COME!

2013 is not a smooth year for us.
But then looking back, we actually managed to have 4-5years of good year too.
2013, was a year of unpredictability, instability and was met with alot of difficult situation that just doesn't go our way. The most difficult being TOto, who was trapped in USA and has to fly alone back to Singapore and was quarantine for 10 days.

BUT then on the flip side, we have ALOT OF FREE TIME together as a family! No $$$ but alot of time together! Hubba holiday-ed for 6 months till my mom asked whether his brain will SLOW DOWN or not! That is so funny, my MOTHER is counting for us ...

Lost some, gained alot too.
NOTHING is worth me getting upset and not moving forward.
I have seen too much to keep looking back. 

SO despite all the obstacles that happen we moved on, tried our hardest to solve all the obstacles; one by one. Luckily we have lotsa of 贵人 along the way that help us along. AND with helps here and there, we beat the ODDS and managed to SOLVE everything but of course lose alot of $$$ along the way. WELL 2013 is supposed to be a bad year so if $$$ can solve everything I am glad we can use $$$ to eradicate the 'bad' fengshui.

GOOD RIDDANCE everything BAD that happen in 2013;I DON'T MISS YOU!

Despite everything that happened, I am just glad that we had our furryboy and are back together as a family pack! Nothing beats having all loves one happily together!!!
In 2014 I just want to LOSE weight, be healthy and HAPPY!
I hasn't been giving this blog attention but hopefully I can do more stuffs this coming year when I have my own place! I HATE messing up mommy's kitchen; can't stand the nag and criticism hahahaha.

I KNOW 2014 will be A GOOD YEAR!

Friday, December 27, 2013

So much anger in Singapore, I wonder why!?

Met some really weird, angry old folks AGAIN!
We were as usual walking TOto on our usual route.

These old folks maybe in their mid 50s, walk pass us right NEXT to me and they were CLOSE real close and TOto is already on short leash tighten. TOto usually ignore MOST PEOPLE on the walk. The man didn't see TOto at first but when he see, he JUMPS. BUT because of the man reaction, TOto turns to 'SNIFF'. 

NO GROWL, no interest, just turn his head! And the MAN JUMP up and gives this VERY DISGUSTED reaction together with the WIFE! You know the kind of reaction people gives when you bring out your precious handicapped kid, and maybe the kid sort of accidentally 'disturbed' them? YA that type of disgusted reaction by BOTH of them ...

I am pissed but I stayed calm. I turn around and told them nicely saying, "My dog is OK, he doesn't bite. You guys don't have to give this type of reaction." And this become a shouting MATCH for these old folks. We were like verbally abused. I was yet in SHOCKED again! They say TOto were ON THE LOOSE 乱乱走, we cannot control them, yadda yadda ... 

HE WAS ON A LEASH, and that is a PUBLIC pavement! 

The whole time they are shouting and hurling abuse at us, TOto is not even growling or barking at them; he just wants to leave! The MAD DOGS barking are actually these 2 old folks, and I wonder if they can see themselves. I wished I had just videoed the whole thing and STOMP it!

Why are Singporean elderly so UNREASONABLE and ANGRY?
(Not my first time encountering such people!)
That is the reason why people don't respect the elders anymore! Anything they are not happy or 看不过去 they cannot reason it out like a respected adult. First reaction is to be angry, starts to 'niam niam niam', gives faces and/or SHOUT? 

Can't a person be nice about asking for a seat? Be nice about asking for help? Be nice and considerate on the road? Even if I am WRONG, he can nicely tell me off, and I CAN APOLOGISE for it. No big deal, not the first time I apologizes if TOto accidentally 'disturb' someone on the road. 

This will be the reason why I want to leave again.
People is very angry here ...

Monday, December 23, 2013

Another LAST order, Loveculture ...

And I thought ...
But Hub says there is more budget, and so I CHOP CHOP and ORDER, hahahaha!
Just nice 50$, socks is filler!
Black fleece leggings for my HK trip in Feb!
I am so happy, PRE-Xmas spree alone at home in the comfort of my LAPTOP SCREEN!


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